Cancer cancer cusp best compatibility

Gemini personality traits look a bit like this:

Others will continually choose to confide in you, and you are often known as the therapist of your group. However, you may find that while you're a devoted conversationalist, you're not able to share your feelings with others as easily as they share theirs with you. You're easy-breezy on the outside, but inside you might be a ball of tension.

Aries Taurus Cusp + Cancer - COMPATIBILITY

You absorb the feelings of others and are quite sensitive yourself. You have a hard time trusting people, so you encourage others to talk about themselves or engage in lighthearted conversation to avoid talking about your own inner issues. You may want to handle your problems independently, but you're most happy when you have a lover to lean on. The people around you care about you and are more supportive than you think, so don't be afraid to let things out! It's the only way to find the emotional balance you need to live a truly happy and fulfilled life.

Fun, flirty, curious, intellectual, affectionate, devoted, sensitive, inspirational. You're an upbeat individual who can put a positive spin on practically anything, no matter how heavy life gets.

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Astrology: Born on the Gemini-Cancer Cusp

You have a fun, fresh way of socializing and love to dive into witty conversations and lively debates. Your gentle, caring demeanor allows you to be a comforter and advisor to friends and family, enriching your closest relationships with endless love and nurturing. You love talking with others about their feelings and helping them through their emotional difficulties, but do you ever take your own advice?

No, he will always know what and how to say, because this man is intelligent, witty, charming — this is his way to success. Things may bore him, and his energy may be scattered all over the place, but the fact is that this man is very emotional, and this is not something that could be seen at first encounter.

Some say that this man has two sides to him, one is cold and egocentric, and the other side is warm and surprisingly lovable, and in some cases, this is the twin that will show his more often. This type of man has an extremely independent personality, and he will never be bound by anyone or anything- he wants to learn about the world, but at the same time, he wants to enjoy his solitude and freedom, and this sometimes comes with the cost.

Changes and freedoms are very important things for this man, and it is also true that he will never allow anyone to impose their will because freedom is necessary for his mental health. Sometimes he is shocked with his feelings and cannot properly deal with them, but he often chooses the worst possible way — he enters a conflict. It is surprising how a man who seems to be so open and communicative, can be so shy and withdrawn and never talk about his feelings, at least not at the beginning of their relationship. Instead, he thinks of many excuses why not, he is prone to strange explanations, but that does not mean that he has no feelings and that he does not want that connection.

This man likes to impose his will and will not let anyone manage him, even if he is aware that this is better at times, he will stubbornly defend his attitudes. He loves women, and since he is convincing and smart, he will easily manipulate them and takes them to bed, or do whatever he likes, and he does not want to harm anyone Sometimes regret come, but it is too late to change anything. He will say whatever is needed to get what he wants. He is the master of seduction, and if he finds a woman who will settle him down, he would be the husband that will take care of his family.

This lady is fun, social, magical and provocative — at least this is the image that others see when they look at her, deep inside, there is much more and not many people can see it since she likes to hide her deepest feelings, even if she would like to share them. She does not dare to introduce new people and is not educated in this sense how to properly do it, she is unpredictable, and its social and friendly mask can very quickly be replaced by distanced and arrogant.

June 15 Zodiac Sign

Of course, we must say that in the life of the woman who is born on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer sign has some emotional burden that needs to take care of, but sometimes she does not know how. On the other side of the same story, she is the woman that will undoubtedly speak her mind and will stubbornly defend what she believes in, and she often has significant success in her profession.

An intellectually curious, communicative, witty, brilliant woman born on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer sign has a constant desire for the novelty, and this is the aspect that leads her to a devastating effect on her life, cause very soon she realizes that she never wanted anything new, but the things she already has. A woman born on this cusp is a lady who conquers and captivates with her charm, which is always extremely pronounced — she is the ruler of positive energy, and everyone sees her in one way as an attractive person who can be very smooth, especially when presented to someone for the first time unlike male representative of this combination who may be cold.

Gemini and Cancer Love Compatibility

She is the lady that is most capable of showing herself in a positive light. You cannot say to this woman that she is fearful, weak and scared — she is everything but this, even if she tries not to scare people with her attitude. You will not find her hiding in a hole, and she is dangerously brave at times especially when it comes to her family.

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She may be challenging, and intriguing — at one point she is shy and lazy, next mercilessly sarcastic, and then in the next minute she is transformed into something else. Man to fomo and pradesh stone.

Moodiness / Volatility / Oscillation

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cancer cancer cusp best compatibility Cancer cancer cusp best compatibility
cancer cancer cusp best compatibility Cancer cancer cusp best compatibility
cancer cancer cusp best compatibility Cancer cancer cusp best compatibility
cancer cancer cusp best compatibility Cancer cancer cusp best compatibility
cancer cancer cusp best compatibility Cancer cancer cusp best compatibility

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