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Eclipses are powerful astrological events and affect us all without exception, some of us more and some of us less. A solar eclipse usually acts as a major catalyst and tends to bring about events that are definitive or irreversible.

These events may have a more positive or a more negative character, depending on the Houses that the eclipse is activating on our natal chart, as well as the planets and points with which the eclipse is making an aspect. What is certain is that the events that the eclipse brings about, are decisive events, events that are experienced quite intensely, and more importantly, events through which information is revealed to us.

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Critical information, that has been elusive prior to the eclipse and that is of importance for our gradual evolution. The partial Solar Eclipse on February the 15 th can be said to belong to the class of eclipses that function positively since the majority of the aspects formed on the eclipse chart are sextiles and trines. Mercury, the planet of cognitive function, is placed in Aquarius, the Sign of intellect and dissemination of ideas. Mercury is conjunct the two Lights ready to make the recording.


Uranus from Aries, in a sextile aspect with the Sun and the Moon, operates like the flash of the camera. The eclipse itself is the opening and the closing of the shutter. It is written deep inside the core of the February Solar Eclipse to make us formulate concepts, to build aspirations and to make us wanting to share and communicate.

This very process in itself is capable and powerful enough to produce significant results within the next six months, which, among others, may relate to:. The Solar Eclipse in February, in addition to the aspects of Uranus and Mercury that we have mentioned, creates its opportunities with three more aspects.

Saturn in Capricorn in sextile to Venus in Pisces makes us devote to what we like and work with pleasure in order to achieve our dreams. Jupiter from Scorpio in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn empowers our psychic energy reserves and makes us strong and effective in successfully pursuing our goals. Mars from Sagittarius is simultaneously in a trine and sextile aspect to the Lunar Nodes.

We are uprooting old dynamics, identities, and mental constructs, making room for deeper truths. We're opening to fresh perspectives, letting go of any solidness or clinging that's impeded our evolution.

Aquarian and Uranian people may now find their audiences, after lifetimes of alienation and rejection. The world is finally catching up with out-there inventions and ideas that were previously ahead of their time. Issues around communication are arising, especially as the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus—the higher octave of chatty Mercury.

This Solar Eclipse is continuing our journey of rerouting mental patterns and communication. If we can harness this energy, breakthroughs and epiphanies are possible.

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We are waking up—personally, emotionally, politically, and spiritually. We are moving further into a new paradigm, aligned with higher ideals.

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Meanwhile, we are rebelling against the status quo, and even against our own faulty thinking. If we feel stuck in any rut—in our jobs, relationships, communities, or projects—we could now harness our genius and intuition to break free. Mars squares Neptune on February 17 , beginning a period of softening, dreaminess, and possible confusion.

Here, assertive and goal-driven Mars halts his momentum and retreats into the clouds. The more we fight, the more we question why we even started fighting to begin with. Self-righteousness, toxic masculinity, and combativeness are melting into forgiveness, compassion, and shared vulnerability. In many ways, divisive ideologies, such as racism and misogyny, are moving further toward dismantling and dissolving. Spiritual undercurrents unify us, reminding us that duality was only a dream. The walls around our hearts start to melt, exposing the tenderness within each of our cores.

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This could be a rich and fruitful time for healing, meditation, music, poetry, and art. We must only be wary of escapism. Now, the planets of romantic and universal love are dancing in harmony. March will be a potent month for healing, as many planets conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer.

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Now, Neptune is preparing us with openhearted empathy.

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february 1 lunar eclipse astrology February 1 lunar eclipse astrology

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