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Free Leo Horoscope 12222 - Leo Forecasts and Yearly Astrology Predictions for Leo

Have an eye out for a magnetic one-on-one that may be hard to resist. Keep in mind that others are profoundly attracted to your unique image and outlook on the world. Look at the larger picture.

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This could be a sudden opportunity to share those fresh epiphanies at work. Meanwhile, Venus moving into your work sphere lends you hypnotic magnetism in this zone for the next month. Utilize the extra charm to negotiate work conditions, pay, or duties, or get those bright ideas across the line. Deepen existing relationships, especially with women who have your back. In terms of health and daily routine, mutual appreciation and convivial connection with colleagues are your paths to self-care. Buy yourself flowers, book a pamper session, or take time out to immerse in that novel sitting on your nightstand.

Venus moving into sister water sign Scorpio turns up the sizzle in your romance zone.

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Do what you love this week and it will support your glow. Make the most of her passage through your zone of fun and dating by utilizing your charged emotional magnetism to attract exactly what you want.

Feel into your ultimate vision of love and self-expression to set your sights. Your friends may shock you with some surprise ideas or revelations.

Although challenging, this is an opportunity to expand your mind. Feel an electric connection with someone that you consider "just a friend"? Keep an open mind on this one.

Leo Weekly Astrology Horoscope 30th September 2019

If coupled, this connection could simply stimulate your creative spirit, so allow whatever it is rather than try to fit it into an expectation of what it "should" look like. Bring some tender love and care to your nest this week, Leo, as home is where the heart is. Use your creative flair to vamp up your space—consider seasonal velvet and a deep rich color palette. Just when you thought you knew everything, along comes a lightning strike of inspiration, new, mind-expanding ways of viewing the world.

If a big opportunity to stretch your reach and unique personal ideology float on by, fish it out! Expect a mental mind-quake as a second hit later in the week thunders home a personal revelation. Perhaps an international woman or teacher parts the waters of knowledge or a sudden chance converts to dollars. Quick expansion can mean growth of what we think we are worth and even capable of.

The B-word for this week is boundaries. Being the best partner you can be means knowing yourself and your identity as a solo person first and foremost. Property owners may not be able to make a killing in the realty market. Helping out someone in need may be topmost on your mind.

Your own efforts will help keep you fit and energetic. Playing the stocks may not give the anticipated returns, but will prove profitable, nevertheless. A professional rival may plot against you and get you in all sorts of problems, if you are not careful. A family function may have you at its forefront. Those with a religious bent of mind can plan on a pilgrimage. A property issue is likely to be decided in your favour.

Getting something done on the home front cannot be ruled out for some. Love Focus: Some delay in success is indicated for those looking for love, but success in the end is certain. Those feeling nervous about an issue need to calm their nerves to avoid ill health. Some monetary incentives are likely to be received. Something important at work may be kept on the back-burner as you have other priorities. Family will prove to be a pillar of support for those facing something important. Help from someone close is likely to ease your commuting problems.

A property issue will be settled in your favour. You may find it difficult to navigate the rough waters on the academic front due to paucity of time. You can suffer the consequences of bad eating habits on the health front. You can get a bit concerned about finances due to mounting expenses, but you will be able to manage your finances well.

Your work on the professional front is likely to get you due recognition. You may get some excellent advice from a family member that will get you out of a sticky wicket. Prepare well for a long journey, if you want to travel comfortably. You will competently deal with the legal aspects of a property issue. Preparing for an exam or competition will come along smoothly, as you remain steady.

Love Focus: Behaving in a stubborn manner over something may make lover see red on the romantic front. Maintaining fitness will come easy, as you go in for a lifestyle change. Your desire to display your taste and style will have to remain within the ambit of financial constraints. A change of career is indicated for some and will be a step in the right direction. Something you want to do on the home front will be agreed to by all. Those travelling can expect to have a comfortable journey. Apprehensions about a property issue can be safely laid to rest.

You can be touchy regarding an issue and may even get involved in a tiff over it. Love Focus: Cooling off relations with lover may seem alarming, but it will be a passing phase. You are likely to keep fit by keeping yourself active. Financial worries are best forgotten, as manna from heaven shows all signs of falling in your lap.

A business issue can take some out of town. In addition, the planet of communication and trading deals Mercury will be placed unfavorably in relation to dominant planets. We should expect difficulties in the sphere of informational and emotional exchanges, as well as some difficulties in achieving progress while doing business or dealing with politics. However, these difficulties are quite manageable, especially for people who know exactly what they want. While numerous planets will continue confronting each other, some situations that may potentially threaten your physical health might emerge.

This will be nothing serious but make sure to keep an eye on minor injuries and illnesses like catching a cold, getting burnt, or food poisoning due to your own carelessness or negligence. Make sure to follow some elementary norms of safe behavior in your everyday life and at work especially, at the beginning and end of the year.

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Because we already brought up some difficulties related to upcoming , we should mention one of the main dangers, which is related to trust. If you look at the nature of this year's patron, which is the Pig, you will see that it is extremely naive and can easily become a victim of some pranks and even outright frauds.

The Epic August Horoscope 12222

Considering the fact that the main events of will be mostly related to the material world, lies and unfair tricks are likely to take place in the spheres of commodity exchange, finance and personal relationships. The problems are not critical and can be easily detected with a certain degree of caution.

You should not give up on trusting people, but make sure to check everything before totally relying on something. In general, should be an active time full of creativity. Only a very lazy person will miss a chance of improving his financial wellbeing, but even they will end up getting some bonuses. Horoscope advises courage to go ahead and chase for that 'golden calf,' keeping some necessary prudence in mind. Horoscope New Year Chinese Horoscope Comments: Horoscope. Norniza Jumari I don't know my horoscopes, my birthday 2nd may Nines and I am a pig.

Vichet ros what's my sign, I don't know my horoscope? I was born on September 22 Thomas Chang Luck is on but can I ask you to provide lucky 4D to bet on it. Maribel Aporto Tutor September Mary grace baledio Sept 10 Hana Karaitiana so do I get half of the piggy year since I'm on a cusp Day, week, month and year.

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Important, know your body is healthy is wealth, everything is only short? Alice this is my first day but I think this app is interesting. VeganGirl Nice. David This is one of the best commentaries on the year of the pig I've found The end of this decade I hope I will have a better ending in this decade!! Marco Good year to come! Thanks for the forecast. Your name:. Monthly Horoscope Read free monthly horoscope for the following months: January monthly horoscopes February monthly horoscopes March monthly horoscopes April monthly horoscopes May monthly horoscopes June monthly horoscopes July monthly horoscopes August monthly horoscopes September monthly horoscopes October monthly horoscopes November monthly horoscopes.

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leo horoscope astrology wizard Leo horoscope astrology wizard
leo horoscope astrology wizard Leo horoscope astrology wizard
leo horoscope astrology wizard Leo horoscope astrology wizard
leo horoscope astrology wizard Leo horoscope astrology wizard
leo horoscope astrology wizard Leo horoscope astrology wizard
leo horoscope astrology wizard Leo horoscope astrology wizard

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